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Adaptogenic coffee with fungi

Adaptogenic coffee with fungi

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Ready-to-drink adaptogenic coffee drinks are a new trend that has shown promise in the San Francisco coffee company “Taika”. These drinks have a unique taste, sugar-free and provide a minimum carbohydrate content. Each recipe includes adaptogenic substances, functional fungi and caffeine. According to the manufacturers, this composition made hard-to-find ingredients available to consumers and provided excellent taste of drinks. 

The pandemic has increased the demand for adaptogenic foods and beverages. Consumers are looking to fill their diets with foods and drinks that can boost their immunity and reduce anxiety. Smart Brief report for 2020 showed that about 29% of respondents increased their consumption of functional drinks precisely because of the pandemic.

The popularity of coffee has also increased dramatically, and ready-to-drink coffee has rapidly taken the lead and become the fastest-growing segment in its category. Since 2016, a number of major companies have introduced their new products based on ready-to-drink coffee: Coca-Cola launched the Costa brand, PepsiCo partnered with Lavazza to develop a chilled cappuccino drink, and Silk launched its first lattes. 

According to the National Coffee Association (USA), about 64% of American adults drink a cup of coffee every day. Therefore, it is unlikely that the level of consumption of this drink will slow down in the near future.

Vitaforest presents adaptogenic Siberian fungi extracts for the production of ready-to-drink coffee and caffeinated beverages. Siberian chaga extract is a unique gift of nature that will give your product amazing properties and fill it with a pleasant sweet woody taste.

Contact us and get a detailed consultation on Siberian fungi extracts presented in our assortment.