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Polyphenol — rich diet

Polyphenol — rich diet

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Nowadays mental health preservation is one of the most acute and urgent problems in the world. There is more and more data confirming the key role of plant polyphenols (in particular, flavonoids) in solving this problem due to the anxiolytic and antidepressant properties of chemical compounds.

The researchers at Queen’s University Belfast compared the effects of a high and low polyphenol diet on the body’s psychological well-being. The research has shown that a diet rich in polyphenols demonstrates beneficial cognitive effects: it reduces depressive symptoms and improves overall mental and physical health in hypertensive patients. In addition, plant-based polyphenols improve gut health and may reduce the risk of obesity.

Scientists and nutritionists agree that the daily consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables provides the body with all the necessary range of active substances. However, the research shows that only a small portion of the adult population includes enough plant-based foods in their diets every day. This situation creates an increased demand for functional foods enriched with plant-based polyphenols.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for dietary and functional foods that could improve consumers health and increase their immune protection. It is expected that by 2024, the level of consumption of products enriched with polyphenols will increase at least 2 times.

This trend opens up great opportunities for the food industry, including the production of dietary and sports nutritional supplements, as well as products enriched with polyphenols.

Vitaforest offers a wide range of Siberian polyphenol-rich plant extracts and powders. The crystal ecological purity and unique nature of this region contribute to the highest concentration of active substances in plant raw materials. We will help you choose the best product for your production and adapt it to your technological process.

Together, we help your clients fill their lives with inexhaustible energy, freedom and the power of wild nature without changing the usual rhythm and lifestyle in a modern metropolis.

Contact us and get a detailed consultation on our assortment and the possibility of manufacturing finished products under your brand.