Alder buckthorn (Frangula alnus Mill.) dry extract

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Alder buckthorn (Frangula alnus Mill.) dry extract

SKU: 00070

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Powder brown color, weak peculiar smell, bitter taste.


Frangula is used as a medicinal plant in official and traditional medicine as a laxative. Very often it can be found in the wet deciduous forests in the European part, as well as in the Altai and Siberia.

Chemical composition

Frangula bark contains: up to 8% anthracene derivatives – frangularose, hetero-and diantrons of frangulin, as well as monomeric compounds in both reduced and oxidized forms (glucofrangulin, frangulin, frangulaemodine).

In addition, free aglycones, triterpene compounds, flavonoids, resins, alkaloids are found in the bark. When storing buckthorn bark, frangularoside is oxidized by enzymes to glycofrangulin

Health impact

It has an irritating effect on the intestinal mucosa, enhances the reflex excitation of peristalsis and has a laxative effect.

The process takes about 8-10 hours, so the laxative effect is manifested only in the colon.

The polypeptide alkaloid frangulanin contained in buckthorn bark has antibacterial and antifungicidal activity, and also shows a strong sedative effect.


With chronic habitual constipation, which often develops in people with poorly developed abdominal muscles and leading a sedentary lifestyle. Long-term application of buckthorn preparations leads to addiction, so you need to increase the dose or periodically change the laxative.


Increased individual sensitivity to the components of the preparations;

Constipation of neurogenic and endocrine origin, spastic constipation intestinal obstruction, bleeding, acute abdominal syndrome, appendicitis, other inflammatory processes in the abdominal cavity, acute feverish states;

Pregnancy, breastfeeding period.


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