Ginseng (Panax ginseng) dry extract

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Ginseng (Panax ginseng) dry extract

SKU: 00064

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Brown powder, bitter taste with a characteristic odor.


For many centuries, ginseng roots are used in all countries of the Far East, now it is widely used in all countries of the world. «Ginseng» in Chinese is translated as «man-root». In ancient China, it was considered the most useful plant for humans, capable of not only curing any disease, but even resurrecting from the dead. In the modern world, ginseng roots have not only not lost its relevance, but also received scientific evidence of their effectiveness.

Extracted from oregano herb phenolic acids (up to 12-20%), flavonoids, ascorbic acid, tannins. Oregano herb contains 0.3-1.2% essential oil, which includes: phenols – thymol (up to 10%) and carvacrol, sesquiterpenoids (12.5%), monoterpenoids – geranyl acetate (up to 5%), etc. The oil has a pleasant smell and has bactericidal properties.

Chemical composition

The roots contain:

triterpene tetracyclic saponins of the dammaran series are panaxosides (ginsenosides).
In addition, ginseng roots are contained in:

essential oil (0.25-0.5%),
fatty oil,
pectic substances (up to 23%),
fatty acids, a mixture of which is called panax acid,
many microelements – iron, manganese, silver, etc. The root ash is more than half phosphate.

Health impact

General effects:

– tonic, stimulating and adaptogenic effect in case of physical and mental fatigue, impaired activity of the cardiovascular system, hypofunction of the sex glands, neurasthenia, after suffering a debilitating disease.
– It reduces cholesterol and glucose in the blood,
– activates the activity of the adrenal glands,
– stimulates the heart and vascular system,
– influences the speed of human adaptation to intensive loads and recovery after it,
– stimulates the course of rehabilitation after diseases,
– has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects,
– has an anticonvulsant effect,
– had active effect on the sexual sphere.


Reduces physical and mental stress, to increase the level of efficiency and body resistance to the adverse effects of the environment, during the recovery period after illness.

Ginseng is used for asthenic conditions, in the complex therapy of disorders of sexual function on the basis of neurasthenia.


Arterial hypertension,
sleep disorders,
acute infectious and viral diseases,
chronic liver disease.
The preparation is not recommended for use in pregnancy, in the period of feeding and children up to 12 years.

The preparation is not recommended for use in the afternoon to avoid sleep disorders.


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