Specification & Spread

Fresh orpine herb — herba sedi maximi recens
Orpine — sedum maximum (l.) Hoffm.
Orpine family — crassulaceae
Other names: hare cabbage, creak.

It is a perennial succulent herbaceous plant up to 80 cm tall with a short rhizome and thickened spindle-shaped roots.
The stem is often single, erect, 40-80 cm tall.
The leaves are alternate and opposite on one plant, sessile, elliptical with a heart-shaped comprehensive base, entire, sometimes with 1-2 teeth at the base, fleshy. The flowers are small, whitish-pink, collected in a wide (6-10 cm in diameter), dense corymbose-paniculate inflorescence.
The fruit is a multiple face of straight green leaflets. Seeds are oblong-ovate, about 0.5 mm long.

It blooms in July – October, the fruits ripen from mid-summer to late autumn.

Spreading. It grows in Ukraine and in the adjacent regions of Russia, Belarus and Lithuania.

Habitat. It grows among the bushes, in the fields, forest edges, the slopes of ravines, beams, rocks, mainly on dry sandy and rocky soils.


The chemical composition of orpine

The plant is considered a battery of organic acids.
It is found in the aboveground part and in the juice from it:

  • acids,
  • sorrel,
  • lemon and
  • apple,
  • as well as flavonoids
  • quercetin,
  • isorhamnetin,
  • kaempferol,
  • myrcetin and its glycosides,
  • traces of alkaloids.

Harvesting and storage of raw materials

Harvesting. The herb is harvested fresh during the flowering period (August), mainly in areas located near the manufacturer of the drug. By this time, the plant reaches the largest size and accumulates the maximum amount of biologically active substances. It is harvested  only in dry weather, it is best in the morning, after the dew. The herb is cut with knives or pruners and immediately sent for processing.

Security measures. It is not allowed to pull out plants with roots.

The raw material consists of leafy shoots with buds, flowers and unripe fruits or without it.

Properties and application

The pharmacological properties of orpine

The aqueous extract of orpine herb possesses biostimulating properties.

  • It enhances the processes of metabolism and regeneration, has a general tonic and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Increases the level of total protein in the blood,
  • restores the normal ratio of albumin and globulin fractions,
  • normalizes the content of residual nitrogen and
  • increases fibrinogen levels in the blood.

Orpine infusion stimulates the regeneration of tubular bones.

In an experimental study of the action of phenolic compounds isolated from orpine, an increase in the content of adrenaline in the blood was found, which is explained by the delay in the oxidation of adrenaline by flavonoids.

Application of orpine

It is applied:

  • as a biogenic stimulator for sluggish diseases, as well as after severe injuries and blood loss.

It is prescribed as a means of:

  • stimulating metabolic processes and tissue regeneration during cornea burns, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer,
  • in surgery to accelerate bone fracture,
  • with periodontal disease, etc.

It is contraindicated in :

  • malignant tumors,
  • hypertension,
  • during pregnancy and lactation,
  • with individual intolerance.