Poplar buds

Poplar buds

Poplar buds

Specification & Spread

Black poplar buds — gemmae populi nigrae
Black poplar — populus nigra l.
Willow family — salicaceae
Other names: willow poplar .

It is a dioecious tree up to 25 m tall.
The leaves are bare, glossy, ovate-rhombic, long-petized and large serrate-dentate. The flowers are gathered in long loose same-sex goslings.

It blossoms till the leave blooming.
The fruit is a bivalve capsule with numerous small seeds, equipped with a tuft of fine hairs.

Spreading. Black poplar is common in the European part of the country, in the Caucasus, in Western and Eastern Siberia (up to the Yenisei), in Central Asia.

Habitat. It grows in floodplains. It is cultivated.


The chemical composition of poplar

Poplar buds contain

  • resin, up to 0.5% of:
  • essential oil (karyofillen, cineol, populo),
  • glycosides salicin and populin,
  • flavonoids.

Harvesting and storage of raw materials

Harvesting. The harvesting is carried out during the flowering period before the beginning of the divergence of covering scales. The leaf buds are harvested from the side branches. After harvesting, it is cleaned from other parts of the plant.

Drying. It is dried in cool, well-ventilated areas or in open air in the shade.

Storage. It is stored in a cool dry place.

The buds are oblong-ovate, acuminate, glabrous, shiny, sticky from the scented resins covering it. Outside it is covered with imitation resinous scales. The buds length is about 1.5-2 cm, the width is about 4-6 mm.
The colour is greenish or brownish yellow.
The smell is weak peculiar, resinous and balsamic.
The taste is bitter.

Properties and application

The pharmacotherapeutic group. Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent.

The pharmacological properties of poplar

The preparations from poplar buds have:

  • anti-inflammatory,
  • antiseptic,
  • diuretic,
  • analgesic and
  • sedative effect.

Application of poplar

The decoction is applied:

  • for wounds, ulcers, dermatitis;
  • as a diuretic for edema syndrome, cystitis;
  • in complex therapy for intestinal atony, hemorrhoids.

As a part of the harvesting, the poplar buds are used as an antirheumatic preparation. It improves hair nutrition, massaging a decoction from the buds into the hair roots.

It is not recommended to use the kidneys of black poplar in case of individual intolerance, pregnancy, diseases of the stomach, intestines.